Face Mask Eco Shield

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we noted a need for a minimal risk shield for everyone. Therefore we have created a low cost face shield for the general public.

Our design team have developed a fully recyclable
Eco friendly face shield that will;

• Deflect liquids
• Protect eyes, nose and mouth
• Inhibit face touching
• This should be used in minimal risk situations for personal defence


Eco Shield Spec Sheet



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The MHP Face Mask Eco Shield is now instock for immediate dispatch.

Our design team have developed a fully recyclable Eco friendly face shield. Economically designed and at a super low cost to everyone. With the aim to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

These are perfect for wearing while out in low risk areas doing your essential shopping and errands.

Quick and easy to take on and off. These should be a must have every time you leave the house, or even opening the front door.

Made from fully recyclable PET plastic
Anti splash, non impact shield, that does not perform to any standards
Super Low cost
Lightweight and easy to wear
Moulded with a flexible loop that will fit most individuals
CE Marked Category I
Can be worn multiple times
Easily cleaned using soapy water.
UK Manufacturer with ISO9001 accreditation.
Reg design & claimed Design Rights 2020 MHP Industries Ltd
Recommended for short term use
Not to be worn whilst driving

Face Mask Eco Shield Spec Sheet

Design and production process at MHP Industries

The perfect addition to go with our Blue Nitrile gloves, 3 Ply face masks and hand sanitiser. All available HERE in one place.

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